Terms of Use



No refunds exchanges only! All sales are final!

After an item is purchase, 48 hours is the allotted time to return the item. The item must be returned in the exact same condition it was purchased in. Tags must be in the same place the item was purchased in. The item must smell new, and not have any damage at all. After an item is returned, and a item isn't present for exchange store credit will be assessed. When a store credit is assessed an allottment of 30 U.S. calendar days is allowed to use the store credit.amount of the store credit i will be based solely on the item or items returned. On the 31st U.S. calendar day after a store credit hasn't been in use, the store credit is null and void, and Globalsole LLC isn't responsible for that particular store credit.. If an item is purchased on clearance, promotion, or any percentage is received off the item all sales are final, and no return/exchange will be accepted by Globalsole LLC. Globalsole LLC is not responsible for any durability issues, or manufacturer defects. Please be advised that Globalsole LLC will adhere to any and all statements above.


If you order online and have to exchange shoes that you will be subject to paying a 30 dollar restock fee for each item exchanged.